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Patent Machine Translation Samples:

Below are a few of our machine translation samples translated from Japanese patent documents:



Machine translation output:

[Detailed Description of the Invention]
[Industrial Application]
This invention is used by SMT mounting, COB mounting, COG mounting, etc. about the equipment which mounts electronic parts etc. on the circuit board.
[Description of the Prior Art]
As conventional electronic-parts mounting equipment, either [ at least ] an element-placement head or the circuit board adopted a means to move in X and the direction of Y.
[0003] Drawing 3 shows the configuration of conventional electronic-parts mounting equipment. In drawing, the parts cassette by which a components transfer head and 2 supply a X-Y robot, and, as for 3, 1 supplies electronic parts or a tray, and 4 are the circuit boards.
[0004] About the conventional example constituted as mentioned above, the actuation is explained below. The components transfer head 1 is carried in the X-Y robot 2, and is movable in the direction of X, and the direction of Y. Then, the components transfer head 1 carries out the parts cassette which supplies the electronic parts in facility back, or tray 3 top-X-Y migration, and takes out required electronic parts by adsorption. Then, X-Y migration is carried out to the predetermined location of the circuit board 4 by which location readjustment was carried out, and electronic parts are mounted on the circuit board.



Machine translation output:

[Means for Solving the Problem]
In order to solve the above-mentioned trouble, the migration direction of said loading means has a migration means to move to an abbreviation perpendicular direction, in this invention by holding a supply means to supply electronic parts and an anisotropy electric conduction sheet (ACF), or a paste, a loading means to hold said electronic parts and an anisotropy electric conduction sheet (ACF), or a paste, and to move to the predetermined one direction on the circuit board, and to carry, and said circuit board.
the electronic-parts mounting equipment of the above-mentioned configuration -- 1 shaft orientations -- each -- independent -- NC -- space-saving mounting with a short mounting baton can be realized by carrying out NC migration of the stage which has two or more movable components transfer heads on the same axle, and held the circuit board to Y shaft orientations.
Hereafter, the example of this invention is explained for a drawing, making it reference.
[0011] Drawing 1 shows the configuration of the electronic-parts mounting equipment for COB mounting in the example of this invention.
[0012] In drawing 1 the part I article transfer head and 12 11 The components adsorption seal of a head point, The part II article transfer head and 14 13 The paste imprint tool of a head point, The X-axis robot with which 15 carries out NC drive of the part I article transfer head 11 and the part II article transfer head 13 to X shaft orientations independently respectively, The substrate stage where 16 holds the circuit board and 17 holds said circuit board 16, The Y-axis robot with which 18 carries out NC drive of said substrate stage 17 to Y shaft orientations, The wafer whose 19 is electronic parts and whose 20 is the aggregate of said electronic parts 19, It has the function which 21 carries said two or more wafers 20, and can choose the predetermined wafer 20. The X-Y table which can be driven in X and the direction of Y, The camera for recognition for 22 to perform location amendment for the quality judging of the electronic parts 19 in a wafer and 23 are the imprint pans containing the paste for adhesion for fixing electronic parts 19 on the circuit board 16.
[0013] About the electronic-parts mounting equipment constituted as mentioned above, the actuation is explained using drawing 2 , drawing 3 , and drawing 4 below.

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